Lanette is OUTSTANDING. There really are no words to describe the level of service that Lanette provides. She goes above and beyond to make your day INCREDIBLE. She told me all I had to do was show up and that is exactly what happened. My husband Charles said that Lanette was outstanding as well. I just cannot say enough about Lanette......Simply Elegant and Outstanding from start to finish.
- Felicia

Lanette was an absolute dream to work with! She went above and beyond my expectations, executed my vision perfectly, and was truly the reason why everything at our wedding went smoothly. I would recommend her over and over again.
- Natalie

Lanette is a wonderfully composed pro, her ideas and suggestions were very welcomed and needed, her organizational skills are truly amazing, and she is also a joy to be around. We had our daughter's wedding at a downtown hotel and there were so many moving parts I know my head was swimming. Lanette handled it all with ease and grace and once when I texted her, she was at my side in literally 2 seconds. We had an amazing experience with Lanette running the "show." I highly endorse Lanette as a fantastic wedding planner.
- Lin (Alex's mom)

Lanette is TOP NOTCH!! Words don't do her justice. She is the best. She literally made my wedding. Without her, the day wouldn't have stood a chance. And I can truly say that it was the best day of my life, in large part due to her work and her staff and all that they did to make the day run as smoothly and as organized as possible. Highly, highly, highly recommend. And I mean that with all of my heart!!
- Megan

Lanette and her team absolutely MADE our wedding day. Not sure what we would have done without Bleu Soiree. Lanette went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. Easy to work with and part therapist! Definitely made our day less stressful and more beautiful. She was also encouraging, non-judgmental and totally positive toward our DIY-quirky style.
- Sophia

Lanette was amazing. We hired her as the day-of-coordinator but she took the extra steps to meet and talk through all of the elements ahead of time (very helpful given that the wedding planning learning curve is steep for most of us), picked up our supplies ahead of time to deliver to the venue, assembled an uncooperative arch, coordinated our vendors, made emergency beer runs, set-up our centerpieces beautifully with very little guidance from me, and a dozen other things that we didn't even know we needed.
We had a super fun and stress free wedding because we knew Lanette had everything under control. She also did our flowers, which were beautiful at a super reasonable cost.
- Erin

Lanette was fantastic as the coordinator for my daughter's wedding!! She kept track of every detail and vendor, knew the timing of everything better than we did, and kept both my daughter and me on track. Her organization of all details was incredible, and she had answers for all of our wedding planning questions. From keeping our information organized and detailed, to following up afterwards, she covered every little thing. I'm certain that we wouldn't have been able to plan the wedding and keep our hair, too, had we not hired Lanette as our guide!! She stayed on top of every detail for us and was even able to assist us in making decisions about certain areas of the ceremony and reception planning. This gal knows her job!! I wanted to adopt her as one of my own!! This was our first wedding, but with three daughters, it won't be our last!! We want Lanette on speed-dial!!
- Lesli (Jessica's mom)

Sean and I want to say that we couldn't be more grateful for everything you did to make our wedding one of the most fun events of our lives! From the beginning stages to the actual event (and everything that goes into that!) you did nothing but out-do yourself to make everything happen and running smoothly. We haven't had a chance to talk to a lot of people since we left directly after the wedding, but when we do, we keep hearing that ours was one of the most fun weddings people have been to. That's all we could ask for - for people to enjoy themselves - and we must thank you for that!
- Rachel & Sean

Lanette and her team is amazing. She was always there to answer questions and help in recommendations. She goes out of her way and was just amazing. THANK YOU!!!
- Gonca

As my daughter and I began planning her wedding, we knew we had to take care of the big things right away. We set the date with the Church first and then booked our reception venue. Next came the florist, photographer, and band. It was at this point that I started thinking about all the other details and knew then that I needed an experienced wedding planner to keep us on track the month of the wedding. Lanette Cousineau was recommended by a friend and at our first meeting we were so relieved that we had found the right person to step in and take care of the last month details. Lanette was extremely organized and detail oriented. She thought of things we didn't! She gave us a wedding week schedule that kept us on track and confident that nothing would be missed. Most importantly, she enabled my daughter and me to really enjoy and savor the week of the wedding events without worrying if everything was taken care of. We knew Lanette was in charge and she missed nothing! I will be forever grateful to Lanette for ensuring that my daughter's wedding day was exactly what she and her groom were expecting. And it was perfect!!! 
- Lynn Kessler

We hired Lanette Cousineau as our Day of Coordinator for our May 2015 wedding at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. She was amazing!!! Lanette is extremely detail oriented, organized & energetic. On the day of the wedding she dropped off lunch for the bridesmaids, coordinated with our wedding vendors and executed our timeline perfectly for our ceremony & reception. We felt extremely confident with Lanette in charge! She thought of everything, after the reception she even packed up our wedding gifts and guestbook and took them to our hotel. We did not have to worry about a thing! We can't say enough about Lanette and would highly recommend her to any couple who needs a day of coordinator.
- Ellen Manners

I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for me and Brent during this special time! You have been a blessing to work with and hiring you was by far the best decision I made! Thanks for making it all possible!
- Leigh & Brent

Brian and I wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have had you coordinate our wedding. Everything, from the beautifully arranged décor, centerpieces, flow of the evening, and my GORGEOUS bouquet surpassed my incredibly high expectations! You and your team were absolutely wonderful and easy to work with. You listened to me when I described my vision and made it a reality!!! Watching our wedding video yesterday, I was reminded of what an amazing day it was and how I couldn't have pulled it off without you. Thank you so, so, so very much for all of your work. We appreciate you and will recommend you to our friends. I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for you!
- Louisa & Brian

Many, many thanks to you and your team for allowing JoAnn and Emily to relax and enjoy the moment. You executed in professional manner and convey a sense of warmth in your pre-wedding meetings!
- Bill (Emily's father)

Thank you so much for helping to make Leslie & Trae's wedding day so special. We could never have done it without you.
- Mindy (Leslie's mom)

We were so pleased with the help and support you provided to us throughout Britton and Pat's wedding and reception. Your 'behind-the-scene' quiet approach helped both events run smoothly. I, gladly, will recommend your services in the future. Please know you helped us enjoy the wedding day.  Thank you again!
- Leslie (Britton's mom)

Photo by: Holly Jones Photography